Abuja, Nigeria


In 1991, Abuja became the capital city of Nigeria replacing the country’s most populous city, Lagos. A planned city located in the centre of the country. With the population of 7, 76,298, Abuja is one of the ten most populous cities in Nigeria.


  • ABUJA NATIONAL MOSQUE: The Abuja national mosque is one of the biggest and beautiful mosques in Nigeria. It’s an architectural masterpiece and a place of worship with several vendors outside.
  • JABI LAKE: Jabi lake is a man-made lake in Jabi area of Abuja. There is a special couple space for activity like jogging lane, boating horse riding etc.
  • DUNES: One of the best supermarkets in Abuja, a good place to buy fresh cheese, bread, meat. There are many small restaurants with good continental and Lebanese food like smoked turkey ham and cheese.
  • USMAN DAM: This is one of the most peaceful and beautiful surrounding where one can walk, sit, and barbeque and take some rest.
  • THOUGHT PYRAMID ART CENTRE: Create collection of painting from various Nigerian artist with few sculpture and woodwork. The front of the building itself is a work of art.


  • CHOPSTICKS: This is the best Chinese restaurant in the town with tasty meal, friendly staff and great ambience. People love their chapman and prawns spring rolls.
  • 355 STEAK HOUSE LOUNGES: This place is a food paradise with fantastic food and drinks. Also, the staff is very friendly and atmosphere is also good.
  • CHEZ VICTOR: Another restaurant with good food and nice ambience. They have delicious French as well as frican cuisine. You can spend some lovely time.
  • OBUDA GRILL HOUSE: Good restaurant with beautiful décor and awesome barbeque. The staff is polite and accommodating with melodious live music.